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About Me

I am a Software Engineer at Browserstack and graduated with a Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering from IIIT-Hyderabad. I am keen to learn new stuff and increment my frontier of knowledge to new levels. I just like to work hard for something that I want to achieve in life. I like to contribute in Open Source Projects. Created a cool product - StopStalk, and constantly adding more and more features along with solving bugs and extending its reach among Competitive Programmers.
About my nick at many websites raj454raj, Is it a Palindrome? A Double String? I guess you guessed it wrong because frankly I didn't even think of any such reason. Maybe I was too small to think about it :p Maybe I was crazy to not to keep it simple ;) But it is what it is...

I have dreams to fullfill. And they are BIG !

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Feel free to clone, fork, use, deploy, contribute or STAR the repository ;)
A lot more to be added shortly!
  • Rails Upgrade @ BrowserStack

    As a Software Developer Intern @ BrowserStack, I was responsible for upgrading their technology stack through several minor upgrade iterations of Ruby and Rails. (Rails 3.0.20 + Ruby 1.8.7 ==> Rails 4.1.15 + Ruby 2.2.5)

  • StopStalk

    A tool that retrieves friends' submissions from various programming websites which has features like friend request, streak notification, pie chart analysis of the submissions, etc.

  • Wikipedia Search Engine

    Search Engine implemented for Wikipedia XML dump (46 GB) by applying variety of concepts like indexing, multi-way mergesort, tf-idf ranking, etc.

  • Decaf-Compiler

    A completely working compiler for Decaf language(Similar syntax like C language) built with C, C++, Flex Scanner and LLVM API.

  • SpamFilter

    Multiple kinds of Naive Bayes Spam filters implemented using the SpamAssassin corpus for testing.

  • FileUploadDownload

    A very basic File Sharing Platform (similar to RapidShare) created with Rails framework by both using and not using Ruby helper gems.

  • wheresMyDialogue

    Ever thought of hearing a dialogue again but forgot the time when it is said? This is just for you. A C++ application which finds the exact location of your entered dialogue along with matching search results and their accuracy. Most importantly it lets you to choose and directly opens that instant in VLC.

  • Graph2Vec

    Understanding Large Social Networks using concepts of Deep Learning by representing nodes as lower-dimensional vectors using the BlogCatalog dataset(Ref: LINE paper).

  • KeyServer

    KeyServer implemented in Ruby with the help of Sinatra which serves various endpoints for generating, deleting, blocking, unblocking and refreshing keys with minimalistic locking methods to maintain the consistency over each endpoint.

  • DisRes

    A completely configurable Disaster Management Tool which provides a fast channel between the Disaster Victims/First responders and the Help Organisations. It also keeps the victims aware about the status of their individual requests. The SOS requests are validated by crowdsourcing the data from Social Networking sites(Twitter, Instagram) and also by the number of requests from a particular location.

  • UltimateTicTacToe

    Ultimate Tic Tac Toe bot implemented which is implemented with concepts of AI in python.

  • Vinvite

    A video invitation application which helps to create and share selfie invitation videos to friends and relatives for an upcoming event. It also provides a prompter text so that you can just look into the camera and also read the prewritten text.

  • Students Mail

    A fully functional Students Mail application which has categorised mailing folders by certain tags.

  • Greed Game (Farkle)

    Greed Game implemented in Plain Ruby along with RSpecs for rigorous testing.

  • Carrom Game

    A basic Carrom game made in C++(OpenGL) which can be controlled by mouse and keyboard both.

  • QuestionPaperGenerator

    A random question paper can be generated from pool of screenshots of questions based on the weightage and total marks provided.

  • Mars Rover Problem

    Standard Mars Rover Problem solved in Ruby along with RSpecs for rigorous testing.

  • topShooter

    A C++ game built with OpenGL which has a spinning top on an unevenly distributed terrain and a target at the end.

  • Shell in Python

    A basic shell implemented in Python language using threads which supports ls, cd, mv, cp, etc commands.

  • pyPacman

    Pacman game implemented in Python with configurable number of ghosts.

  • guessWord

    A basic 4-pic-1-word game made in Ruby On Rails framework.

  • myLS

    A basic shell implemented in C which has ls command with some of the command line options.

  • solveDebts

    A C++ tool which aims at solving too many debt linkages between friends and provide minimum number of transactions to be made.

  • Spencers' Online Shop

    A functional Spencers' shop which internally tries to implement different kinds of SQL queries for better retrieval efficiency.

  • dotGame

    Do you remember the old school days when you and your friend used to make dots in form of a grid and then tried gaining maximum number of boxes by joining lines? This game is built in pure JavaScript with a leaderboard.

  • Dental

    A basic dental application which handles appointments for a particular dentist and also makes appropriate changes in the records.

  • StreetCop

    An application which aims to reduce the crimes that happen on the Street/Road. It collects data from various verified user and reports it to the Officials. The Officials can take action on the most reported driver and also view the people who reported for the user.

  • TimeTableParser

    Given the TimeTable in a .xls file generate pdf and txt files which gives the information of which teacher is free in which time slot and also daywise location of a teacher.

I am more than enough active on Social Networking Sites

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Technical Skills

Please endorse me with the amount I am acquainted with the following technologies(That is obviously if you know me!). As soon as you submit your response the sliders get replaced with the overall average till now. My own judgement of mine is in the paranthesis
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I love material design - Who doesn't

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Here's my resume !! Though it is very brief and short :p !



I am a Python lover

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Suggestions, Bugs, Errors, Enhancements, Appreciations are welcome !!! :)

If I know something, I can teach it very well - Sounds obvious but yeah !!!

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raj454raj@gmail.com , +91-9985900308
97, OBH, IIIT-Hyderabad, Telangana, India, 500032
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